1. Introduction

Biolovision2eBird convert your observation of any biolovision website (,, ...) to an eBird Checklist! It basically take the export file (in .xml format) from biolovision and match the data into the eBird Record Format which can be easily uploaded on eBird.

2. Import Biolovision data

First, you need to export your file from biolovision. Go on the website, then go in "query your data" and export them in .json json. If you are already login in this computer, you can make the query using the form below:

Drag the xml file on the zone above (or click on the zone to open the input window). You can directly export your  data
Drop the json or xml exported file here or click to upload and continue...

3. Assign sightings to checklist

The first step is to assign incidental sightings to a checklist . You can either create a new checklist or use existing one from imported biolovision list. To assign a sightings to a checklist, select the desired checklist in the list below and click on "Attribute Sightings". This will allow you to draw a rectangle over the sighting(s) you want to assign. The sightings markers color will change according to the checklist's color. Remaining non-assigned sightings (white marker) will be deleted. Once you have finish just click on be button below the map to carry on the process...