Convert biolovision data to eBird
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Biolovision2eBird helps you to import your data from any biolovision website (e.g., faune-alsace, ...), observado (e.g., birdtrack (birdtrack) and birdlasser to eBird! 

The process is quite simple: (1) upload the file with your data, (2) match the data to eBird checklist format, (3) download an eBird Record Format and (4) upload the file on eBird.

Any comments or suggestions? Please submit an issue on Github or contact me.


1. Import Biolovision data

  1. First, you need to export your file from your original website. The form below will direct you to the export page of each websites. You might have to first login in the website and re-click on the link. Each website uses a different format: observado csv, birdtrack xlsx. For biolovision websites, select the json json and for birdlasser, you can only download the data from the app (to my knowledge) (Select the trip card and use "Export (CSV) trip card")

  2. Then, define the global settings for all checklists. This can still be changed for each checklists individually. These settings will be saved in your cookies once you upload a file, such that next time you come back, the same settings will be set by default.